About the Hong Kong Parents Choir


The Hong Kong Parents Choir is a registered non-profit making organisation with a membership of around one hundred. At present, it is one of the largest parents choirs in China. The Choir serves as a platform for parents who love choral music and singing to share experiences and to enhance personal musical attainment through practices and performances. Members of the Choir are from a wide range of professions and expertise, all sharing a strong passion for singing and music. Even though the Choir has a young history, all parents work diligently towards a common goal of achieving a semi-professional standard in choral singing. Through cordial and serious weekly three-hour practices, the Choir has been experiencing a steady growth in choral techniques, music appreciation and friendship.

The Choir’s wide repertoire of religious music and popular folk songs appeals to both refined and popular tastes. The Choir presented an evening of lovely music, topped with Christmas presents and blessings in its 2016 concert. This year, the Choir will endeavour to bring audience an evening of memorable popular folk songs in its October concert. Music has become a bridge, not only to encourage parents to set good examples of a positive attitude towards learning for their children, but also to demonstrate to schools and families that improvements and achievements are always possible, given time and hard work. Since its founding four years ago, the Choir has participated in over thirty meaningful social activities and concerts. The Choir is always willing and ready to take up the mission and role as parent choral ambassadors of Hong Kong to share the experience of music and family education through cultural exchanges and performances in China and overseas. In the past years, the Choir has also rendered strong support to local community and charitable activities.  Last year, the Choir performed at the Sai Kung District Music Festival, Kwai Tsing District Choral Concert, Sai Kung District Spring Reception and the Civil Aid Service 40th Anniversary Concert, as well as took part in the “Love’s Team” community engagement event and the Child Development Matching Fund’s fund-raising carol singing festival.  As for cultural exchanges, besides singing and sharing in a parenting forum at the Zhongshan Family Festival, the Choir also sang in the opening ceremony of the International Mathematical Olympiad 2016, in which over 100 international delegations participated.

Hong Kong needs a choral organisation for parents across educational institutes and the establishment of the Hong Kong Parents Choir caters to this demand. The Choir represents the dedication of parents from all walks of life, collaborating to promote social unity and to fulfil aesthetic and artistic pursuits through mutual respect and acceptance. The Choir welcomes all Hong Kong parents who are interested in choral singing to join this meaningful cause, to share the joy of singing together and to be role models for our children. We sincerely look forward to performing together with you on stage in our next concert.